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Prize for the April Challenge on tf_ic p

New icon and Ironhide ficlet, Failsafe

This little one-shot, Failsafe, has lived over on the prompts comm for some time now. Thought I'd bring it home. ^.^ Ficlet below the cut.

Warnings: Pretty mild, but maybe PG-13, for an overall dark theme, violence and an OC death.

And~ An overdue and utterly delighted 'Thank You!' to toyzintheattik. She made my icon prize for winning the April Challenge, Vivid Memory, on tf_ic_prompts. Many, many thanks! XDD *hugs* ♥

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Ironhide by shawnkyr

'Manventure' pics

No, not those kind of pics. >3   Linking to some pics to show where the guys ended up on the Lennox/Ironhide entry post, Counting to Three, over on tf_ic_prompts .

Thanks to Denii (spacegarden), who promptly dubbed the entry post, the 'Manventure.' XDD  A huge thank you to my friend lb82, who sent me pictures of the Chickasaw Recreation Nature Park to use for the adventure.  ♥

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