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Master List of Stories



Summary: Sarah Lennox meets the newest NEST member. Matt, you're in big trouble now. Sarah Lennox, Will Lennox, Matthew Graham. Movieverse, post-2007 Transformers.
Warnings: R for sexual situation.


Summary: Small mercies at the end of all things. Will Lennox, Sarah Lennox, Annabelle Lennox, Ironhide. Movieverse, AU, post-Revenge of the Fallen.
Warnings: M, Dark theme, torture, death.

Screw Love, Bang the One You're With

Summary: Barricade/Captain Graham. Stuck in an alien hell together can lead to strange, strange things. Pictures and full author's notes before the story as to how I managed to come up with this one. ;) Movieverse - Post Revenge of the Fallen.
Warnings: M, NSFW, holo!human sex, oral, genderbending

Love is a Hunger

Summary: Separation is hard on them both. They are stronger together, and coming home makes it worth the wait. One-shot, Will and Sarah Lennox. Movieverse.
Warnings: M, NSFW.


Summary: Ironhide remembers how he lost his bonded. Set in the Nexus AU, and Winner of the April Challenge - Vivid Memory - at tf_ic_prompts community. PG.

A road less traveled

Summary: Had things stayed as they were, there was no reason it ever would have happened. Looking back, it was inevitable that things happened as they did. The strange vortex that sucked them in and dumped them on an alien world together was the catalyst for it all. Ironhide/Will Lennox, One-shot, AU, PG.

A Universal Concept - Prologue

Summary: What is love? Is it an instinct? An emotion? Or an ability that can transcend species? After eons of conflict, the war-weary Autobots have a new home, a new life, and a chance for something more. And for a single Decepticon, a chance for salvation. Jazz/Maggie, Ironhide/Sarah/Will Lennox, Prime/Ratchet, Barricade/Mikaela, Bee/Sam.
Warnings: Mature for later chapters.

A Universal Concept – Chapter One

A Universal Concept – Chapter Two

A Universal Concept – Chapter Three

A Universal Concept – Chapter Four

A Universal Concept – Chapter Five

A Universal Concept – Chapter Six

A Universal Concept – Chapter Seven

A Universal Concept – Chapter Eight

A Universal Concept – Chapter Nine

A Universal Concept – Chapter Ten

A Universal Concept – Chapter Eleven

A Universal Concept – Chapter Twelve

A Universal Concept – Chapter Thirteen

A Universal Concept – Chapter Fourteen

A Universal Concept – Chapter Fifteen

A Universal Concept – Chapter Sixteen

A Universal Concept – Chapter Seventeen

What Lies Beneath the Mask

Summary: Soundwave hides a secret deep down; his mask is part of his defenses. Prime finds he has a way to break them. Optimus Prime/Soundwave. AU, G1.
Warnings: bondage, dub-con, slash, sticky.

Holding On to Yesterday

Summary: His mission had become his reason to exist; his entire world narrowed inexorably to one single purpose: Keeping his charge safe. Bumblebee/Sam. AU, 2007 Movie.
Warnings: M, dark theme.

Unexpected - Part One

Summary: Soundwave/Optimus Prime, Starscream/Ratchet. Relationships can have the strangest beginnings, and become something completely unexpected.
Warnings: M, NSFW.

Unexpected - Part Two

Unexpected - Part Three

Unexpected - Part Four

Unexpected - Part Five

Unexpected - Part Six

Unexpected - Epilogue


Summary: Ladydragon wanted rp, and smutty roboporn for her birthday. I was Prime, she was Sunstreaker, and this much fun had to be illegal somewhere. :p
Warnings: Total crack, and very NSFW. ;)

The Voice

Summary: If a voice could make love... ;D Optimus Prime.
Warnings: Rated M, NSFW.

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